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In the following examples, the inverter boosts the input from the solar array to 240v AC in order to feed it directly into the electricity grid. The power usage will come from the grid and you pay for the net usage (the difference between the two). With a grid feed power system, you will have no power if the grid power isn't working.


1 X 120W Ecotech solar module                               $389

1 X Clenergy mounting frame                   ezRack     $176

1 X OK4E 24v 120w grid feed inverter                       $495


This system can be added to with extra 120w modules and an OK4E inverter for each extra module. The mounting frame will hold 4 such modules. Under average conditions, 1 solar module of this capacity will produce 146 kilowatt hours of energy per year. This will save $36.50 per year from your power bill as long as the power cost remains at about 25 cents per unit.

From a brochure by Peter Pedals



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