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Why solar power?

The earth is one giant living entity, of which the human race is the equivalent of microbes on its skin. All life on earth represents the biomass of the planet. The total mass of all living organisms combined. Without vegetation, earth would have no free oxygen in its atmosphere - in that sense vegetation  is just as important to our survival as our own lungs. If you think of this planet as one giant living  entity, then any inappropriate action on our behalf  is going to cause earth as a living entity  to be  unwell, and in turn threaten our own well being. As a direct result of mankind's exploitation  of earth's resources, it's biomass is on a constant decline. Appropriate action is an action that meets our needs, and at the same time is an action that looks after the health of the planet as a whole.

Why stand alone power systems?

Why do we have these enormous man made energy grids criss-crossing the country, powered  by energy sources that pollute with chemicals, smog, electro-magnetic radiation and radio-activity? The electro-magnetic radiation is then distributed all over the country  via the power grid, putting stress on the health of those living near it or with it. Why do we put so many of the earth's limited resources into these gigantic metallic electrical conductor grids  when everyone knows  that the energy from nature is around us everywhere? If we can just harness the energy from nature right here where we are, why even consider  taking power from a distant polluting power plant via such an expensive and wasteful energy grid?


We need to seriously consider stand alone power systems as a viable option or to feed surplus solar,  wind, or micro-hydro power into  the grid where the power lines are already established.


Why renewable energy sources?


By using fossil fuels and nuclear reactors as energy sources, we are not only jeopardising our own health with chemicals, atmospheric and radio-active pollution, but threatening  the health of the living system of earth as a whole. Fossil fuels are not renewable energy sources. They are finite resources, and they are going to be depleted. The resilience of the earth; the capability of the atmosphere, the biosphere, and of all life on earth to cope with man made pollutants, is also limited.


If we all can begin to harness the energy from nature we are no longer threatening  the delicate balance of life on earth. We can regain the power of free will in society by taking responsibility over our own energy requirements and cease to be at the mercy of others' ill conceived  and entirely profit motivated decisions.


The energy from nature is renewable because the sun rises and sets every day. The radiant energy of the sun makes the plants grow so that we can eat and breathe. The sun also makes us feel warm; it causes water to evaporate from the earth's surface, only to fall back on it as rain, hail and snow. This in turn causes the rivers and streams to flow. The air moves to give us wind as a result of the combination  of convection currents caused  by the heat of the sun and the earth spinning on its axis.


So we have sun,  wind and flowing water, all of which will be with us as sure as the sun rises every day.  We do not have to generate power in life threatening way if we have all this power, the energy from nature, all around us every day, just waiting to be harnessed.


'Energy From Nature' by Peter Pedals


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